Wrong MtDNA haplogroup assigned by DNA Lab - How easily are H and U MtDNA mistaken in genetic testing?

mtDNA Haplogroup H
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Wrong MtDNA haplogroup assigned by DNA Lab - How easily are H and U MtDNA mistaken in genetic testing?

Post by Arcadiaville » Sat Dec 05, 2020 7:18 pm

I used a DNA app for fun (Am I Related to Donald Trump) by a genetics company that links with DNA labs for health & ancestry results. The result came back as not related, with analysis showing my MtDNA not matching Donald Trump's assumed maternal line. Hhmmm ... are MtDNA haplogroups H (H1) and U mixed-up easily in the lab? :?
Am I Related To Trump?
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I wrote to the company's customer service and received a very quick response that I should provide my MtDNA for their confirmation with DNA lab. Initially, I hesitated as I wondered if they would take a short-cut and simply respond that they had a mix-up, that I was in fact the MtDNA that I provided. However, the customer service rep insisted that they needed my real MtDNA (based on other test co,) to provide to the DNA lab for research. When I provided it, I did not hear from the rep again, and it has now been a month. When I received a Customer Feedback survey, I checked that the ticket was not resolved. Still no response from this company. :x

As it was a free app and the company has a large health genetics section, I am hesitant to lambast them publicly yet. And maybe they are backlogged in resolving inquiries (maybe a lot of people wish to be related or wish not to be related to Donald Trump and ran the free app :D ) However, I am curious from a technical stand-point if it is possible for DNA labs to mix-up these 2 MtDNA haplogroups or if this is most likely a simple reporting, not genetic analysis, mistake.
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